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The Giano system is a versatile component of furniture perfect for home and open spaces. With a bold design, Giano integrates seamlessly with Gianobox countertops, shelves and storage units, maximizing the space. Gianobox storage units, available in a variety of sizes and configurations, are covered in back-painted glass or lacquered wood, complementing Giano shelves in press-formed and powder-coated aluminium to create an clutter-free and refined environment. Glass doors or drawers open effortlessly thanks to the horizontal groove profile, adding an elegant touch of minimalism. Dovetail fastening allows for easy, tool-free assembly, allowing Gianoboxes and Giano shelves can be placed on one or both sides of the glass wall, depending on the customer's needs. Giano is also an ideal solution for the home office, with a writing desk equipped with integrated cable channels for the PC to make the workspace more functional and uncluttered. Accessories such as clothes rails for clothing stores or closets enhance the style. If you want uniquely designed interior design, Giano accessories are a great choice for any fitout project.
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