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Adi design index 2011
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Pole is a unique system for the realization of glass partitions, reception desks, self-supporting partitions and equipped systems. The new designed rods have a floor to ceiling pressure system and support the panels. The attention to details and the technical revolution of the systems make the product ductile and easy to plan. Pole is equipped with different kind of products useful to organize spaces such as hinged and sliding doors, shelves and boxes presenting the new standard finishes. All this allows to interpret the system according to different functions and tastes. Pole self supporting system has several solutions and can be organised according to your needs. The connection profile between the rods permits to "link" the uprights and to create the needed angles for the self supporting system. The equipment can be organised with shelves and counter tops of Giano. Pole system enables various reception desks of glass in multi shapes and colors
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