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Simple Bold is an innovative double-glazed partition wall system designed to improve the workspace and increase productivity. With two layers of glass separated by air, these walls offer sound insulation up to 45.5 dB while maximizing natural light. The double frame extrusion of Simple Bold features L-shaped pieces forming a dual U-shaped channel, equipped with adjustable levellers and vinyl gaskets for glass regulation and easy installation. The alignment of vertical and horizontal profiles with the glass door frames provides a seamless visual flow throughout the space. Compliant with ADA standards and boasting low-maintenance attributes, these glass partitions come in a wide array of glass and metal finishes, exuding sophistication and elegance. Luconi glass doors, available in sliding or hinged options, can be seamlessly integrated with access systems, switches, or a free- standing column. To save on space, the Simple Bold partition system integrates seamlessly with Giano accessories, offering options for (FF&E) furnishing with shelves, cabinets or drawers on one or two sides of the wall. The Integration of audio and video equipment is possible thanks to special cable channels within the glass wall frames, ensuring a clutter-free and refined workspace. By incorporating Simple Bold double glass partitions into your fitout project, you perfectly achieve a contemporary design and blend acoustic comfort and aesthetics.
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